Equestrian sport: myths and reality

Correction of horse disobedience in competition
In the process of sports work with a horse of any specialization, conflict situations arise periodically, which must be resolved with the greatest efficiency and least loss. In order to…

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Basic exercise to develop horse stability in front of an obstacle
Description of the exercise: tips from the poles in front of the obstacle in the form of a cross and a pole adjacent to it. It is necessary to place…

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Exercises for heavy horses in front
Question. I rent a half-blooded 14-year-old. We have a great time in the fields, but when I take dressage lessons, it becomes incredibly heavy in front, shifting the weight of…

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Tennessee horse

46 years of torture of a unique breed of horses justified by the state.

If we look at the description of this breed, it will be said that the Tennessee Walking Horse was bred in Tennessee in the mid-1930s. A walking horse is a gentle and intelligent animal, obedient and well-meaning. The gaits characteristic of the Tennessee pacer are congenital smooth amble, frisky amble and gallop.
Both amble are free four-stroke movements with a high extension of the front legs. When moving, the horse nods its head to the beat of the movement, and the hind legs step on the front tracks. Between themselves amblers differ in pace. Frisky amble is very fast and is often used in show rings. Horses develop this gait at long distances up to 13 km / h, and at short – up to 24 km / h.

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Longchamp Racetrack in the Bois de Boulogne

We present to your attention a new, this time Parisian, issue of the blog of our author Daria Ganzya, the most actively moving around cities and countries .

More recently, Dasha visited a cult meeting place for all Parisian horse racing enthusiasts and will now tell you what the beautiful word “Longchamp” really means.
What do you think when you hear the name “Longchamp”? For example, I’m thinking about a fashion brand that has been producing stylish handbags for 70 years in a row, without losing ground. But actually this is not quite the right association. That is completely wrong from the point of view of a person interested in horse racing. Continue reading

Horse Feeding Diet

One of the main conditions for rational horse breeding is feeding horses a ration. The animal’s body consists of various organic, mineral substances and water. It can replenish the substances expended during the life process only through feed, which is also a source of energy for the functioning of organs and systems and maintaining a given body temperature. In addition, important regulators of biochemical processes in the body, macro and micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes, come from the feed.
The level and quality of feeding determines the rate of development of the body. Thus, malnutrition of young animals disrupts the growth of bone and muscle tissue, the functioning of body systems; this leads to adverse and often irreversible changes in the constitution of the animal. In addition, unbalanced feeding leads to a sharp increase in feed costs per unit of output. Therefore, full-fledged horse breeding is possible only on the basis of rational feeding organization. For this, it is necessary to be able to evaluate Continue reading

Equestrian Driving

In recent years, experts have noted the complication of all sports disciplines that are characteristic of equestrian driving competitions. Tests for dressing, obstacles at a marathon and parkour are becoming more complicated. Much attention is paid to the welfare of horses during driving competitions, for which the maximum age of horses participating in competitions is increased, and the penalties for athletes who allow animal cruelty are increased.
An example of the complication of the competition program in driving in equestrian sports is the appearance of a gallop in training tests. Allures are becoming sharper and more often changing, and the schemes themselves are supplemented by new elements. The training also notes the division into classes, carried out according to special tests developed by the FEI for single crews and tandem crews, foursomes Continue reading

Thoroughbred horse breed description

It is known that England is the birthplace of a thoroughbred horse breed of horses. It was bred in the XVII-XVIII centuries. based on local and imported horse breeds. At different times, England had frisky and hardy horses. Reliable information about the good qualities of the English horse before entering the eastern horses, we find the writer Markgan. In 1614, he noted: “If it comes to performance and endurance, then there is no horse that could compare with the English. The latter is not only well-built, but also bold, strong and hardy. ”
The Norfolk breed is already mentioned in the XII century. With a noble type head, similar to the Arabian one, with a short and strong back, a long and wide croup, average height up to 160 cm, horses of this breed were considered “suitable for armed riders.” Under Henry VII (XV century), this breed was Continue reading

Horse Feeding Diet
One of the main conditions for rational horse breeding is feeding horses a ration. The animal’s body consists of various organic, mineral substances and water. It can replenish the substances…


Acceptable Punishment Methods
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