Dressage: How to get a referee category?
Anyone can try to become a judge - the road is open to everyone. But it is worth remembering that a dressage judge is not only one who knows how…

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From the history of riding
At different times horses were trained differently. Here is some information about how and what the Hittites, Greeks taught horses. And also what the Romans taught fighting horses and what…

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Basic exercise to develop horse stability in front of an obstacle
Description of the exercise: tips from the poles in front of the obstacle in the form of a cross and a pole adjacent to it. It is necessary to place…

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Horse Games

Horse Relays

Competitions of teams to overcome obstacles with any precondition: transfer of a whip from one rider to another, touch, re-seat with one saddle, start from a fenced area, etc.
Many of the competitions described are held on ponies. They involve children from 3 to 11 years old. For example, pony jumping, pony jumping, pony vaulting, etc.

Extremely spectacular folk horse games. Temperamental, full of sports glow, they have a long history. In Georgia, there was a hippodrome, where riders competed in dart throwing, archery, and horse racing. The prominent poet Shota Rustaveli was an excellent rider and winner of jigit competitions. In the Tajik epos “Shah-Nam” the game of horse-riding the ball (chovgan, guibozi) is colorfully described. Horse polo is known on all continents and is popular to this day. Among the tribes inhabiting the present territory of Central Asia, races were recognized, especially for long distances, horse riding, competitions for the possession of a goat carcass, and the identification of the most lively, agile horseman.

Arkan Tartish
Tug of war by two riders or two teams of riders.

Examination of a rider from a circle with a diameter of 10-15 meters by the chest of an opponent’s horse Kazakhstan.

Martial arts riders in order to pull the enemy off the saddle (from an bareback horse). Riders at least 18 years old compete in three weight categories. Kazakhstan.

Baiga (alaman-bayga, alapman-poig, at-chabysh)
Horse race in the steppe or cross country at a distance of 5, 10, 20, 25-50 km on bareback horses. Usually boys of 7-14 years old jump, but professional jockeys are also allowed to ride. For such races, children who are lighter in weight, tenacious and dexterous, are chosen. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

Fight of the Sultans
Old cavalry game. Riders in protective masks, gloves, with bibs, in the hands of each espadron. The goal is to knock down a feather sultana on a 15 cm long wooden rod (or a balloon on a string) attached to an adversary’s head (on a helmet, cap, etc.) with an espadron. In this case, your sultan must be kept intact. Compete in teams of 4-6 people each, losing the lost sultan.

Cossack games
Possession of knives – cutting a vine with a saber, throwing a spear or dagger at a gallop at a target and etc. Popular among the Cossacks. Republic of the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia.
Jambu Atu (or Nizaki Netum)
Objects (mainly 5) are placed at a distance of 25 m. From the first column 2 m high, the rider grabs a spear, throws it and catches on the fly, pricks a scarecrow or a ball on the second column along the way, throws it into a ring on a three-meter column; then grabs a grenade and throws it into the ring on the last pillar. You can’t stop in front of a target or go trotting. Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Caucasus.

Riders compete in speed and correctness of saddling horses, followed by a jump on them. The winner is determined not only by the primacy in the race, but also by the correctness of the saddle. Kazakhstan

A cascade of acrobatic exercises and tricks performed by a rider on a fast galloping horse (at least 400 m / min). Yesterday, during the ancient Olympics, horse racing was known in which riders jumped to the ground, ran alongside horses and jumped onto them again. Zhdigitovka is carried out on a straight stretch of 210 m or more in length or in the circus arena. The jigit athlete must show as many different exercises as possible or repeatedly – one element. Zhigitovka includes jumping on a horse, turntables on it, jumps, hops, standing up, crawling a galloping horse under the neck or belly, raising objects from the ground right up to coins, galloping one rider while standing on two horses and jumping on them through barriers, group the pyramids. Riding or trotting a rider is considered a defeat. Previously, zhigitovka included shooting at targets, hand-to-hand combat techniques, as she was of a military-applied character. It is popular among the peoples of the Caucasus, Cossacks. The horsemen of Ossetia from the Ali-Bek Kantemirov dynasty are considered unsurpassed masters of jigitovka.

Dzhigitovka in Georgian – with shooting at the target, raising to the gallop from the ground smells and other objects.

Equestrian game: participants perform many ridiculous and ridiculous tasks. It can vary infinitely depending on the fiction.

Jorga Salysh
Pace run, popular in Kyrgyzstan.

Short-distance horse racing in Georgia over rough terrain on bareback horses.

Zhorga Zharys
Common among Kazakhs is amble riding under the saddle. For the third glitch failure, the rider is excluded from the competition

A kind of equestrian area, i.e. the battle of riders with darts (spears). Two teams of six or more riders participate, each holding an Isindi in their hand – a light spear with a soft tip made of leather or fabric at the shock end. The team, which by lot has the right to start the game, sends the first rider, who is called the defiant.

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Dressage: How to get a referee category?
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